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Do steroids cause roid rage?

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Experienced steroid users often respond differently when asked about this topic. Roid rage refers to the aggressive behavior that is sometimes seen in people who are using steroids. The stereotypical image is one of a bulky bodybuilder injecting a steroid and then suddenly bursting out into a fit of rage. Some individuals are more prone to aggression than others. So, there are many factors to consider before assuming steroids are to blame.

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In steroid users, testosterone levels are being boosted higher than they normally are. This can have the effect of increasing aggressive behavior because that’s one of the things that testosterone does. But, it’s important to understand that steroids will not turn every person into an uncontrollable rage machine. If someone has issues with aggression already before starting steroids, the chances of violent outbursts is very high but in the average user who is more even tempered, the aggressive effects will most likely be milder and may only turn out to be increased motivation to workout.
If you are hot headed and using steroids, a good piece of advice is to take your aggression out on the weights.

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