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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you give the track number?

Yes, we give track number, but not right away. For security.

Do You Ship Internationally?

No. Shipment is strictly from stock in the UK (from UK to UK).

How long is the package?

Usual 7-20 days. EMS - 3-10 days!


What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We accept bitcoin and credit cards. You can find the instructions after adding the product to the cart.

Is Buying On-Line Safe? What are the warranties?

We have been working real 3 years (since 2017)! There is a forum, reviews and an iron reputation. Your personal data will never fall into the hands of third parties, and the purchase will be completely anonymous.

About ToneLab

Today, the network has a large number of online stores offering sports pharmacology of a completely different profile – from classic anabolic steroids to advanced growth hormone, peptide drugs, fat burners and much more …

However, the search for a truly reliable store that could be your personal supplier of original sports products on an ongoing basis is a rather difficult task, but it can be solved if you opt for ToneLab!

We see as our goal to provide the best and 100% original sports pharmacology for athletes of any level of training – from professionals of a competitive level, to beginners who decided to try training with “doping” for the first time!

What makes ToneLab different from other stores?

We guarantee the originality of steroids

We have established cooperation exclusively with certified and licensed distributors and suppliers who receive goods directly from the manufacturer. For this reason, we can give a 100% guarantee that the product you are buying is “original”, and not a beautifully made fake from China! Also, the protection system through verification codes on the official websites of manufacturers will dispel any remaining doubts!

Minimum retail price

Our supply chain does not imply a large circle of intermediaries, so the ToneLab team can afford to make a minimum margin on each product item without setting “astronomical” prices.

Maximum confidentiality and anonymity of customers

When placing an order in our store, you can not worry about the security of your personal data. During application processing, they are encrypted and stored on the server for a limited time only. An additional security is provided by the fact that all data is stored on hosting servers located outside the UK.

Convenient delivery options

We can provide prompt delivery throughout the UK. Possible courier delivery, EMS, mail.

No minimum order amounts

Choose any product item from the catalog, place your order and expect it to be received as soon as possible! No limits …

So, why choose our store?

  •     we only sell original steroids
  •     don’t overstate
  •     We provide anonymity and confidentiality of customers
  •     offer convenient delivery options
  •     we do not limit our customers in the choice of sports pharmacology

And that’s not all…

Last but not least, we are concerned about the health and proper use of steroids and other sports pharmacology by our customers. For each heading you will find a detailed description and instructions for use. We do not “pursue” the goal of a “one-time” sale, but to obtain regular customers in the person of our customers! Having bought from us once, you will definitely come back again!

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